Rising Stars Workshop

Date:  Friday, June 9, 2023

Time:  10:50 am – 12:20 pm

Location: Poster Area 1 and 2 — Garden


The inaugural “Rising Star Program in Signal Processing” aims to highlight at ICASSP 2023 and foster the growth of the next generation of scientists and scholars who are at the forefront of research and innovation in the field of signal processing. In the era of Artificial Intelligence, signal processing remains at the heart of technological advances, powering innovations across various aspects of our life. Recognizing the significant role that our field plays in shaping the future, the Rising Star Program seeks to support the career development of final-year Ph.D. students and postdocs keen on pursuing academic and research careers in the coming years.  The Rising Star Program acts as a springboard for emerging talent, offering a global stage to showcase their research and an opportunity to network with industry and academic leaders.


The inaugural cohort includes the following 24 Rising Stars, conducting research in various fields of signal processing, who will showcase their thesis research in a dedicated Rising Stars poster session.


    1. Laixi Shi, Carnegie Mellon University
      Provable Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning: Scalability, Efficiency, and Robustness
    2. Yashish M. Siriwardena, University of Maryland College Park
      Towards Extending Acoustic-to-Articulatory Speech Inversion and Learning Articulatory Representations
    3. You (Neil) Zhang, University of Rochester
      Personalized Immersive and Secure Audio for Metaverse
    4. Anusha Prakash, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India
      End-to-End Speech Synthesis Systems for Indian Languages
    5. Desh Raj, Johns Hopkins University
      Listening to Multi-talker Conversations: Modular and End-to-end Perspectives
    6. Yi Zhu, Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)
      Development of a generalizable, trustworthy, and privacy-preserving audio-based diagnostics system
    7. Çağkan Yapar, TU Berlin
      Deep Learning-based Pathloss Radio Map Estimation and its Application to RSS Fingerprint-based Localization
    8. Gen Li, University of Pennsylvania
      Breaking Sample Size Barrier in Reinforcement Learning
    9. Roshan Sharma, Carnegie Mellon University
      End-to-End Modeling for Speech Summarization
    10. Nauman Dawalatabad, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      Robustness in Speech and Health-care Systems
    11. Zhiyang Wang, University of Pennsylvania
      Manifolds Filters and Neural Networks: Geometric Graph Signal Processing in the Limit
    12. Loukas Ilias, National Technical University of Athens
      Machine Learning Methods for Identifying Complex Brain Disorders
    13. Juan Cervino, University of Pennsylvania
      Graph Machine Learning under Requirements
    14. Sarath Shekkizhar, University of Southern California
      Graph signal processing for understanding data and learning
    15. Mert Kayaalp, EPFL
      Interpretable and Socially Intelligent Systems
    16. S. Prasobh Sankar, Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru
      Signal processing and deep learning for next-generation wireless systems
    17. Ramon Sanabria, The University of Edinburgh
      Speech language processing
    18. Elisabeth Heremans, KU Leuven
      Automated sleep analysis toward sleep monitoring at home
    19. Rohan Ramchandra Pote, University of California San Diego
      Doing More with Less: Techniques for Sparse Sensing & Super-Resolution/Low-Complexity Estimation Using Multisensor Systems
    20. Hao-Wen Dong, University of California San Diego
      Empowering Music Creation with Machine Learning
    21. Ankita Pasad, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
      What Do Self-Supervised Speech Models Know? Analysis and Applications to Spoken Language Understanding
    22. John Shi, Carnegie Mellon University
      A Dual Domain Approach to Graph Signal Processing
    23. Kuan-Lin Chen, University of California, San Diego
      Empowering Speech Processing with Deep Neural Networks: Theory and Applications
    24. Alexander Johnson, University of California, Los Angeles
      Towards Fair Oral Assessment for African American English Speaking Adults and Children


Welcome to the Rising Star Program in Signal Processing at ICASSP 2023 – a platform that champions progress, celebrates brilliance, and cultivates a culture of excellence in the field of signal processing.

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