Best Paper Awards

The following papers were at the top of all submitted papers in each category. The ICASSP 2023 Organizing Committee congratulates the authors for their achievement. Their effort is commendable and sets an example for all members of the signal processing community.

Best Paper Award

Audio signal enhancement with learning from positive and unlabelled data

Nobutaka Ito, Masashi Sugiyama


Best Industry Paper Award

Contrastive learning-based audio to lyrics alignment for multiple languages

Simon Durand, Daniel Stoller, Sebastian Ewert


Best Student Paper Awards

Perspective projection-based 3D CT reconstruction from biplanar X-rays

Daeun Kyung, Kyungmin Jo, Jaegul Choo, Joonseok Lee, Edward Choi


Large covariance matrix estimation with oracle statistical rate

Quan Wei, Ziping Zhao


Hyperbolic audio source separation

Darius Petermann, Gordon Wichern, Aswin Shanmugam Subramanian, Jonathan LeRoux


High-dimensional confidence regions in sparse MRI

Frederik Hoppe, Felix Krahmer, Claudio Mayrink Verdun, Marion Menzel, Holger Rauhut


Solving audio inverse problems with a diffusion model

Eloi Moliner, Jaakko Lehtinen, Vesa Valimaki


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