Best Startup Pitch award

  • **First Prize: Treble** – – Cloud-based sound system
    Treble’s innovative cloud-based sound system and solid pitch has secured them the top spot in this year’s competition. Their cutting-edge solutions showcased an exemplary application of signal processing technology.
  • **Second Prize: Waveye** – – AI-driven imaging radars
    Waveye stood out with their AI-driven imaging radars, securing the second place in our competition. Their pioneering work and compelling pitch hold immense promise for the advancement of the industry.
  • **Third Prize: Voinosis** – – Diagnosis of diseases such as dementia based on voice analysis
    Voinosis rounded off the top three with their groundbreaking work in diagnosing diseases such as dementia based on voice analysis. Their practical, real-world application of signal processing technology is highly commendable.

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